20 Aug 2013
Posted by Rhian Johns
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Last month saw the launch of a major research project on the role of social investment in reducing the educational attainment gap amongst disadvantaged pupils. More..

16 Aug 2013
Posted by Benjamin Ball
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Fundraising for charities has never been harder. There is increasing competition for funds, corporates are being more discerning and donors are expecting more. More..

08 Aug 2013
Posted by Jenny North
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It won’t take long for the debate on charity salaries, sparked by “a warning” from William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission, to burn itself out. More..

01 Aug 2013
Posted by Jenny North
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July has been packed with interesting and thought-provoking articles and research. Here’s my round up of top reading this month, roaming across continents, disciplines and issues. More..

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