25 Oct 2013
Posted by Lizzie Crowley
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There are almost a million young people not in education, work or training. Current crisis levels are in large part down to the recession and whilst we have seen welcome improvements in the labour market over the last few months they have had little impact on the youth labour market. More..

17 Oct 2013
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As one of two charities cited in Impetus-PEF’s recent Beating the Cuts report, we are delighted to be held up as an example of a small charity for whom the social investment model is not only working but reaping positive results. More..

10 Oct 2013
Posted by Rhian Johns
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Looking out into the packed rooms at our “Lost in Transition” fringe event at the three major party conferences, it was clear that youth unemployment was one of the top issues on politicians’ agendas. More..

03 Oct 2013
Posted by Jenny North
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Thumbing through the party conference fringe guides over the last three weeks, one thing became clear – youth unemployment (and the allied issue of vocational education) is the hot topic of the season. I estimate that a third of fringe events were addressing this subject. More..

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