11 Dec 2015
Posted by Julia Grant
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As we come to the end of 2015, it’s the perfect time to take stock and reflect on some of … More..

02 Nov 2015
Posted by Zoë Northridge
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Each November, the legal profession rightly celebrates its contribution to society with National Pro Bono Week. Here, we explore the … More..

27 Oct 2015
Posted by Impetus - PEF
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Tackling youth unemployment Truthfully, how often could we say we have been pioneers in something life changing? Today, I am … More..

15 Oct 2015
Posted by Jenny North
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The Labour Party spent their conference wondering exactly what a new kind of politics looks like – while the Conservatives … More..

07 Oct 2015
Posted by Jatin Patel
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Last week, the sun shone brightly on the Labour Party conference and there was much anticipation for Jeremy Corbyn’s first … More..

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