Change must come from the top to make NEETs history. What will you do?

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NEET is a term we do not like using, but has come to represent a structural undercurrent stifling young people across our societies, with close to one million 16-24 year olds presently not in education, employment or training.

This has been a fact for well over a decade now.

In February, Impetus-PEF published an infographic, detailing research we have undertaken over the past three years to help us better understand the reasons young people become NEET and to promote our recommendations for the next Government to work towards reversing the tides faced by many in our society today.

Our work has been broad and our recommendations vary, but if there is one thing which we wish to see from the next Government, it is this: change must come from the top to make NEETs history by the end of the next parliament.

We do not believe in a sweeping top-down approach to constructive education and employment reform. But we do want to see greater accountability at the heart of Government. This has to translate as a single department solely focussed and responsible for stemming the number of young people NEET each year.

We appreciate as much as anyone, that there are many – and almost always complex – issues which lead to young people finding themselves NEET. We alone do not have all the answers, nor should young people themselves be ignored in suggesting their own solutions to the problem.

As such, with the general election imminent, from Thursday 9 April we will be campaigning on Twitter, asking: What do you want the next Government to do for young people?

We’ve already had a lot of initial interest – see our photo wall – and we’d like to encourage you to get involved and help us spread the word.

There are many ways you can join us, from tweeting some of our suggested messaging below or retweeting the Impetus-PEF account, to posting a photo of yourself with your own sign on how the next Government can better support young people.

Following the campaign, we will highlight your responses on our website.

Steps have been taken during the course of this parliament to reduce the number of NEETs, but more should and can be done. If momentum is shifting towards greater employment prospects, it is our collective responsibility to ensure young people experience the same.


Change must come from the top to make NEETs history by the end of the next parliament. Agree? #NoMoreNEETs

We don’t like the term NEET. Nor do young people. What can you do to help #NoMoreNEETs become a reality?

With 12 months or more causing lifetime wage scarring, the next government MUST address the NEET issue #NoMoreNEETs


Impetus − The Private Equity Foundation
About The Author
Jatin Patel is the Campaign Manager at Impetus-PEF. Jatin is an experienced advocate, having previously worked on campaigns for youth charity Fixers and as Student Union President of Brunel University. He joined Impetus-PEF from the former Olympic Athletes’ Village, where he managed stakeholder and community relations as part of the village’s transition from post-Games to ‘legacy’ neighbourhood. Jatin holds a MA in International Relations from the University of Sussex and a BSc in Politics and History from Brunel University. Follow Jatin on Twitter: @JatTel

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