Francois Aguerre’s top triathlon training tips

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To most people the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – a 168km race around the Mont Blanc in altitude, with 9,600m of accumulated ascent and temperatures dropping below zero – is not your typical weekend away. But to Coller Capital’s Francois Aguerre, this is a typical fundraising challenge.

Francois is no stranger to physical endurance challenges, having completed a gruelling 89-kilometre course through the Brecon Beacons in aid of Impetus-PEF last year. He regularly trains for, and conquers, these mega-challenges.

So in the remaining three weeks of training before the FT Triathlon, who better to go to for some pro training tips. Below Francois shares some of his top training tips, focusing on how to not only survive, but thrive in the SuperSprint Triathlon.

  1. If you haven’t yet, you need to stop taking lifts and escalators. It’s amazing how the little things add up to create a fine-tuned triathlete. Walk up the stairs, it’s only for 1 more month!
  2. Mix it up. 30 minutes of interval training (switching between sprinting and jogging) is far more effective than a 60 min relaxing jog.
  3. Instead of a whole afternoon along the Thames on a Barclay’s Bike, try to attend spin classes. Aside from avoiding uneven pavement and potholes, you’ll also have the benefit of an instructor to keep you motivated and on track. However it’s highly recommended that you complement this by practicing at least once in “race conditions” (outside) before the big day.
  4. Try a 1 kilometre swim twice a week in the early morning. It’s also a great way to wake up and prepare your body for the day ahead. Of course, for the most motivated ones, you can join the ‘crowd’ at the Serpentine… 6am I think!
  5. Finally, try to prepare a little bit for the transitions between events. It is very easy to end up losing 20 to 30 minutes between two events if you are disorganised. Of course it’s not a big deal, but can be extremely frustrating when the final race times are reported.

The FT Triathlon, supporting Impetus-PEF, will take place on 13 September 2014. This is the first ever triathlon for the private equity, venture capital and associated industries. For more information about signing up for the race, please contact Hannah Sharp.


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