Top ten triathlon tips for beginners

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With so many teams and individuals signing up to compete in the FT Triathlon, we are thrilled to see the financial services industries taking leaps and bounds to support our work. Registration will remain open throughout the summer, but signing up now will give you more than enough time to begin your training.

Of course it can be a bit daunting thinking about completing your first-ever triathlon. With a little over nine weeks until raceday, we wanted to share ten triathlon tips for beginners, compiled by race partner RG Active.
  1. Structured training: A training programme, or a coach, can offer more structure to your training and ensure your race preparations are more efficient. “Quality over quantity” comes into play here, and as many of you have busy lives and family commitments, it is very important to structure each training session and ensure you are always moving forward towards your training goals.
  2. Incorporate brick sessions into your training: A brick session combines multiple sports into one training session, ie, biking and then running as you would in the event. These are key to a triathlete’s training as they present your body with race day conditions, and if you haven’t experienced jelly legs before the competition, you’ll be sorry!
  3. Swim training in open water: For many people, the open water swim is the most daunting aspect of the triathlon. Additionally, it is highly recommended to experience swimming in your wetsuit, in open water, before the triathlon. There are many open water venues across the country as well as coaches available to offer training and tips.
  4. Nutrition is key: It’s important to have a nutrition plan for race day that has been tried and tested during training. You should know what products you intend to use, and when, as well as knowing what nutrition is available on the racecourse (this is included in your race pack). Don’t risk trying anything on race day that you haven’t used before – the outcome could be messy!
  5. Invest in some triathlon specific kit: There are a few items specifically designed for multi-discipline sports, which allow you to perform well in each discipline while also transitioning easily and efficiently from one sport to the next. Tri-shorts or a tri-suit, elastic laces, wetsuit lubricant, a number belt and the famous rubber suit (a swimming-specific wet suit) can all make a world of difference.
  6. Set realistic goals: Before race day, look at all the variables that may occur on the big day and try to work out realistic and achievable goals. If these goals are unrealistic, you are setting yourself up for disappointment before you’ve even started.
  7. Ensure your bike has a clean bill of health: It’s always worth getting your bike checked over by a mechanic before your race. Stop by your local bike shop or race expo, a £10-15 check can go a long way to help prevent the worst from happening.
  8. Know your challenge: Study the race information when it arrives in the post – and arrive at the venue early to give you time to get acquainted with the course before the race begins.
  9. Race day checklist: After following all these tips, the worst case scenario would be to forget something on the big day. Start making your list now and be sure to follow it when packing your kit bag, to ensure you don’t forget a thing.
  10. Be positive and have fun: Being positive and enjoying your day will make all the difference to your performance. No matter what your goals are for the event, there is no reason you should not enjoy every second of the day you have trained so long and hard for. Think positive thoughts and take solace in the knowledge that you have trained hard and you can do the distances…you will achieve!
For more information on how to sign up for the FT Triathlon, please contact Hannah Sharp.
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