Ready for work


Commissioned in 2014, Ready for Work aims to equip service providers, employers, funders and policymakers with the information they need to support and design interventions working to improve the employability of young people by providing practical answers to the questions:

How can we help young people be ready for work?

And what makes the biggest difference to their work readiness?

Research with employers, social organisations, educators and young people leads us to conclude that, alongside stable personal circumstances and appropriate qualifications, young people must attain a set of six vital capabilities in order to be ready for work. While each capability is important, employers made clear that, on their own, no one capability is enough. Young people need all six of these to be ready for work.

A catalogue at the end of the report sets out the results of our international search for interventions that have been proven to lead to work readiness. We found only 37 such programmes, suggesting that there is a shortage overall of evidence-based interventions that lead to work readiness, and a gap in the research base into what works.

Download the full report here.

Ready for Work was cited in the UK government’s guide, Outcomes Frameworks: a guide for providers and commissioners of youth services, published by the Cabinet Office in December 2014. Ready for Work is one of six outcomes frameworks developed for the youth sector that is mentioned in the guide.

Thanks to everyone who fed into our digital consultation phase. All your input can be viewed in this storify.

2014_09 Ready for work infographic

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Ready for work

This report sets out the findings of a research project that seeks to answer the questions: what do young people need to be ready for work? And what makes the biggest difference to their work readiness?

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