Driving Impact

None of us are satisfied with the situation for disadvantaged young people in the UK today. We know that charities and social enterprises are making transformative differences in the lives of young people. But we also know there is room for improvement.

Only by asking ourselves the really hard questions, the ones that keep us up at night – ‘Do our programmes really work? How can we make them work better? What’s the real number of young people we’re actually helping, long-term?’ – can we start making the changes we need to make our programmes the very best they can be, for the young people they are there to serve.

That’s why we’ve written our Driving Impact paper – a collection of all that we’ve learned along our journey to focusing on impact and through our work with our charities. We hope it will help anyone who is as passionate as us about delivering effective programmes for young people.

We don’t claim to have all the answers – we’re learning all the time – but as a starting point, we hope our paper will serve as a valuable guide for those who work for, fund, or commission charities and social enterprises to deliver impact.

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Driving Impact: Helping charities transform the lives of disadvantaged young people. This paper is part of our Driving Impact programme. Read more…

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