Our driving impact work builds on the proven work of others. On this page, you can access the two best books on the subject – as well as more recent initiatives to promote the importance of a focus on social outcomes and of performance management.

Leap of Reason In Leap of Reason, philanthropist Mario Morino and a number of experts and practitioners in the US make the case that social organisations as a whole need to be clearer about their aspirations, more intentional in defining their approach, more rigorous in gauging progress, more willing to admit and learn from mistakes and more capable of quickly adapting and improving – all with an unrelenting focus and passion for improving lives.
WorkingWelBook_HighRes_Cover-682x1024 Working Hard & Working Well is a sleeves-rolled-up companion to Leap of Reason. The book is a practical guide to developing the discipline and culture of performance management. Even as performance management has gained prominence in conferences and publications, it is still widely under-appreciated and misunderstood. David Hunter explains performance management, providing history, context, and concrete guidance for those who want to do more to improve the lives of those they serve.
 Cabinet office report Outcomes Frameworks: a guide for providers and commissioners of youth services is a Cabinet Office guide aimed at helping providers and commissioners who are considering how to improve the outcomes for young people as a result of their work. The guide provides information on what a variety of frameworks look like when applied ‘on the ground’ – including Impetus-PEF’s own Ready for Work framework.
  The Performance Imperative is published by the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community, a group of leaders committed to advancing high performance in the social sector.  In this their opening salvo in a campaign to encourage great organisations for greater societal impact, they seek to answer two important questions: what’s the definition of a high-performance organisation?; and what are the key organisational disciplines for achieving high performance?  Start with the high level summary, watch the short video, and read the full report.

Driving impact

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