Here is a short guide to the key concepts we use when we work with our portfolio charities to help them drive impact.

  • Driving impact workshops: A series of workshops for a charity that result in a blueprint for impact. The blueprint articulates the intended change an organisation wants to make to its target population, and the service delivery they expect to achieve this change. The output also specifies short- and intermediate-term outcomes, which pave the way to the organisation’s intended long-term outcomes. These are crucial in an organisation’s performance management processes. This process provides the impetus and inspiration for change, and the practical know how to make it happen.
  • Mission: A statement about why an organisation exists, making explicit what changes it seeks to achieve in the target population it serves. An organisation should be held accountable for achieving its mission.
  • Target population: The beneficiaries (individual or group) to which an organisation delivers services with the expectation of producing outcomes.
  • Outcomes: A change that can be linked to an organisation’s intentional efforts.
  • Long-term outcomes: The ultimate measure of an organisation’s social value: the changes which the organisation intends to make for its target population, and for which it wants to be held accountable.
  • Short-term and intermediate outcomes: Short-term outcomes are the immediate, incremental changes that occur during the programme as a direct consequence of staff efforts. Intermediate outcomes are the changes in the target population expected at specific intervals, and which can be assessed at key stages of the programme.
  • Core programme: Services and activities by which outcomes are intended to be produced.
  • Performance management: An iterative process by which an organisation monitors its day to day service delivery (as laid out in the organisation’s blueprint) to beneficiaries, and puts in place improvements whenever a beneficiary is not progressing towards their short-term outcomes (as laid out in the organisation’s blueprint). Performance management is not top-down command and control – staff are empowered to use their creativity to drive outcomes, within set parameters.

Driving impact

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