For any charity or social enterprise aiming to drive impact, developing a blueprint for impact is the essential place to start.

Any charity which aims to help young people escape economic disadvantage should be able to produce long-term outcomes reliably and consistently which positively transform these young people’s lives.

This is a far more challenging aspiration than it sounds – and the reality today is that only a minority of charities can clearly demonstrate they are achieving this standard. A robust, clear and consistent blueprint for impact is the essential place to start.

At the early stages of our relationship with a charity partner, we provide a series of driving impact workshops to help tie together the charity’s strategic objectives with planning, operations, performance and evaluation. Ensuring that every part of the organisation is included in the process is crucial to its success – which is why trustees, senior management and frontline team all participate in the workshops.

On completion of the driving impact workshops, a charity will have developed a blueprint that:

  • Defines its mission and the type of young people it wants to works with (its target population)
  • Sets out the short-, intermediate- and long-term outcomes it will commit to securing for those young people
  • Outlines the programme design which will deliver these outcomes
  • Determines how it will manage that programme to ensure that every young person makes progress towards these outcomes.

The charity can now move on to the next stage: building and implementing a performance management systems which will:

  • Provide real time data on a young person’s progress
  • Put in place feedback loops to allow the front line to ‘course-correct’ when outcomes are not  achieved
  • Builds in regular opportunities to review programme success and alter design or delivery where necessary.

By following this approach, our aim is to help make the difference between a charity that reliably and consistently produces long-term outcomes for young people – and one that does not.

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