Ways to support us

If you’d like to put your skills and expertise to use as a key part of our venture philanthropy model, you can help our portfolio of ambitious charities increase capacity in their work to positively impact the lives of young people in poverty in the UK.

Types of projects
A wide range of projects are undertaken as part of our support package to charities, which may involve one person or a whole team. Example projects include:

  • business model review and business planning
  • strategic review
  • market and competitor assessment
  • financial planning and reporting
  • business development/fundraising
  • Board assessment
  • senior management team coaching
  • development of performance measures
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • marketing/communications strategy and PR
  • Specialist functional skills (ie, IT/HR/operations/legal support/etc.).

Length of projects
Projects undertaken by our pro bono professionals help to scale up the operations or improve the strategy of the organisation as a whole. Some projects require a short-term commitment, while others require two days a month for six months or two weeks’ full-time. This depends on the type and particular requirements of each project.

Project planning and management
Each pro bono project is carefully planned by our team of Investment Executives. Clear objectives are defined, along with a timeframe. A project brief is always agreed by the pro bono partner, charity and Investment Executive before work begins. An Investment Executive manages each project, ensuring at all times that the expert(s) has access to the material and people they require and that the charity’s senior management team has the time to focus on the project.

If you’d like to learn more about how to be a part of our impactful pro bono community, please email Harriette Foster, or contact her by phone at 0203 474 1040.

Volunteer professional skills

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