Impetus-PEF investment processOur approach at Impetus-PEF is to work with organisations in depth and typically over a number of years. We work closely and collaboratively with the leaders of each of our portfolio charities, supporting them to build high-impact organisations.

In the first instance, we look for promising charities and social enterprises that aim to effect far-reaching change for the young people they help. We perform rigorous due diligence before deciding to support them.

We manage our partnerships with charities in a series of phases:

  • Before we start each phase, we agree a programme of work, financial commitment, duration and set of milestones with the charity
  • At the end of each phase, we assess and agree with the charity whether it is ready and committed to progress to the next phase of investment
  • Each phase leads to positive tangible results for the charity and increased impact for the young people that the charity serves.

Where the evidence shows that its programmes lead to lasting and meaningful change, we help the charity to expand significantly – and in doing so, enable it to increase dramatically the number of young lives it is in a position to transform.

Since our inception, we have screened some 2,500 organisations and invested in over 50 charities and social enterprises.

Driving impact

Value of non-financial support

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