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August 2017: Progress on youth unemployment stalls as 12-month NEET numbers increase, Youth Jobs Index finds
March 2017: New report exposes qualification crisis for 16-19 year olds
March 2017: Chancellor’s budget must prevent hard Brexit for young people
January 2017: Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon spins up a gear for 2017
January 2017: MPs set to debate need to widen participation in technical education and apprenticeships
December 2016: Impetus-PEF chosen by Deloitte
November 2016: Impetus-PEF responds to State of the Nation 2016 report
October 2016: Impetus-PEF responds to social mobility report
October 2016: Impetus-PEF joins education leaders calling for a rethink on grammars
September 2016: Triathletes make 2016 a record breaking year for the Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon
August 2016: Response to the 2016 GCSE results
August 2016: The race is on: Olympic triathletes go for gold as the final countdown begins for the Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2016
July 2016: Response to the launch of The Life Chances Fund and the Government Outcomes Lab (GO Lab)
June 2016: Impetus-PEF celebrates independence of their charity ThinkForward
June 2016: Impetus-PEF proud to be official charity partner for The Unquote” British Private Equity Awards 2016
June 2016: Three months to go until Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2016
May 2016: 1.3 million of UK’s youth spend 6 months out of education, employment and training
April 2016: Six months to go until Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2016
March 2016: Impetus-PEF launch 7th year of Teens and Toddlers partnership
March 2016: Apprenticeship Levy potential threat to social mobility for under 19s
March 2016: Second chance’ education failing to deliver results (Life after school campaign)
February 2016: Clear focus from government needed to help young people who are NEET
February 2016: Johannes Huth shares Impetus-PEF vision for 2016
February 2016: Impetus-PEF announces £1.1 million funding for existing charity partner and leading service provider City Gateway
February 2016: ‘Charities must re-evaluate culture of accountability’ says leading youth charity Impetus-PEF
January 2016: Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2016 now open for registrations
January 2016: Support grows for better quality vocational choices
January 2016: Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation announce new CEO
January 2016: Impetus-PEF teams up with Dallaglio Foundation: New partnership boosts rugby’s power to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people
January 2016: Impetus-PEF announces support of Dixons Academies Charitable Trust Ltd
December 2015: Youth charity, Impetus-PEF respond to the publication of data showing no improvement to Oxbridge FSM admissions figures
November 2015: Optimism as Government announces future funding for Social Impact Bonds
November 2015: Concerns raised over failure of FE provision as NEET figures published
October 2015: Impetus-PEF announce ThinkForward SIB success
October 2015: Impetus-PEF Chairman, Johannes Huth to highlight Social Impact Bonds at BVCA Summit
September 2015: Success at the Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2015
August 2015: England’s largest venture philanthropy funding package
August 2015: Greater focus on English and maths results
August 2015: One month to go until Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2015
August 2015: Raising the bar on resource management and  governance standards
July 2015: Counting NEETS
July 2015: Two months to go until Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2015
June 2015: Impetus-PEF CEO to step down after nine years
June 2015: Funding announced in Venture Trust and Adviza
June 2015: Impetus-PEF’s Transforming Lives Dinner breaks fundraising record
June 2015: Registrations open for Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon
May 2015: New Cabinet must create cross-departmental strategy to safeguard the future of 120,000 coming of age millennials
May 2015: Impetus-PEF invests £100k and strategic support in TwentyTwenty
May 2015: Tickets now on sale for private equity’s party of the year
March 2015: Impetus-PEF response to Level 2 and 3 attainment results for 19 year olds, released today by Department for Education
March 2015: Impetus-PEF response to ‘Teenagers NEET: Numbers hit a new low’
March 2015: Impetus-PEF charity Teens and Toddlers wins a second social impact bond
March 2015: Impetus-PEF Private Equity Triathlon 2015 date announced
February 2015: Failure to solve NEET problem continues to risk £6.4 billion of young peoples’ earnings, reveals pioneering youth charity
February 2015: ‘Community work proposal is a short term solution to a long term problem’
February 2015: Performance analysts crucial to delivering impact, new report reveals
January 2015: Impetus-PEF £300,000 and strategic support in Catch22
January 2015: Caroline Mason, Chief Executive of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, joins Impetus-PEF Board
December 2014: Impetus-PEF selected as a provider for the Government Impact Readiness Fund
December 2014: Out of Sight: How we lost track of thousands of NEETs and how we can transform their prospects
October 2014: Impetus-PEF calls for new Cabinet post in bid to make NEETs history by 2020
September 2014: Professor Becky Francis of King’s College joins Impetus-PEF Board
September 2014: Lionel Assant from Blackstone joins Impetus-PEF Board
September 2014: Ready for work? What employers are really looking for in young recruits today
September 2014: Impetus-PEF appoints Erin Segilia Chase as Director of philanthropy
September 2014: Levelling the playing field: Impetus-PEF adds four tutoring charities to its portfolio with investments totalling £400,000
August 2014: From learning to earning: young people need more from school to succeed in today’s job market
April 2014: Impetus-PEF provides £250k and strategic advice to City Gateway to increase their education and training provision for 14-24 year olds
March 2014: Hanneke Smits, CIO of Adams Street Partners, joins Impetus-PEF Board
March 2014: Financial Times and Human Race launch FT Triathlon supporting Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation
March 2014: Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation chairs UK Working Group for Social Impact Investment Taskforce
March 2014: Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation makes new senior appointments
February 2014: Impetus-PEF invests in educational charity SAPERE
January 2014: Impetus-PEF invests in dynamic and ambitious charity using football to engage youth
January 2014: Impetus-PEF report demands action to make NEETs history in 2014
November 2013: Impetus-PEF invests in ambitious UK charities improving educational and employment skills among young people
November 2013: Impetus-PEF represented on the UK National Advisory Board to the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce
October 2013: Martin Brookes joins Impetus-PEF Advisory Council
September 2013: Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation joins the Social Economy Alliance
July 2013: Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation Launches
May 2013: The Private Equity Foundation and Impetus Trust announce proposed new Board of Trustees ahead of merger
January 2013: Impetus Trust and Private Equity Foundation announce intention to merge

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