Life After School

Resits are in crisis.

Young people who fail their English and maths GCSE first time around are supposed to get a second chance to succeed but they’re not getting it, irrespective of their background or where they study.

This is the crisis facing 16-19 education and urgent action is needed to address it.

Last year, we launched our Life After School campaign which found that six out of ten young people from disadvantaged backgrounds didn’t have a Level 2 qualification in maths and English by 19. These qualifications are the gateway to A-Levels and university, apprenticeships and employment. Without them, young people’s choices and prospects are limited.

Every young person should be supported to get good GCSEs in maths and English at school. And if they don’t get the grades at 16, they need a second chance to catch up by 19. So we’ve spent a year digging deeper and what we’ve found, using the government’s own data, has alarmed us.

Below are the pieces we’ve published about this critical issue so far, including:

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