Dallaglio RugbyWorks

The Dallaglio RugbyWorks harnesses the values of rugby to develop the confidence, belief and realisation of a positive future for disengaged young people.

Dixons Academies Charitable Trust

Dixons Academies is a Multi Academy Trust of eight schools in Bradford

Venture Trust

Based across Scotland, Venture Trust works with highly disadvantaged and disengaged young people to help develop their life skills, improve long-term employment and education outcomes.


Adviza, a charity working in the Thames Valley area, delivers careers information, advice and guidance. Impetus-PEF will focus on Adviza’s work supporting vulnerable young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET), or at risk of becoming NEET, to make the right transitions into further education, employment or training.


Helping disadvantaged, disengaged and extremely hard to reach young people succeed in education, thrive in their personal lives and achieve long term employment


A forward-looking social business helping people in tough situations turn their lives around

Out of Sight

One in eight young people are NEET (not in education, employment or training) at the age of 18. This huge issue has far reaching consequences for our economy and society. Yet over the course of this parliament the quality

PwC supports Ripplez’s business plan development

A three-year business plan was a key capacity-building project for Ripplez, and PwC pro bono associates volunteered their time and expertise to support its development.

NBI’s pro bono recruitment for WorkingRite

A key component of our investment in WorkingRite was to bring NBI, a talent consultancy, on board to donate their expertise in executive search and assessment to run an effective, thorough and professional recruitment for a new CEO.

Ending the NEET crisis for good: a blueprint for the next Prime Minister

We have an opportunity to solve a problem that has persisted for over a decade – the large number of young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs)

Building capacity for impact

There are two types of organisational capacity-building required by the social sector – one is around building strong resilient organisations which can grow sustainably. The other is around building organisations which can reliably and predictably produce meaningful social outcomes, eventually for large numbers of people.

Ready for work

This report sets out the findings of a research project that seeks to answer the questions: what do young people need to be ready for work? And what makes the biggest difference to their work readiness?

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Team Up

Boosting the academic attainment of school pupils from low income backgrounds in order to allow them to make choices about their futures

Action Tutoring

Supporting young people facing socio-economic disadvantage to achieve at GCSE, with a view to enabling them to go on to further education, employment or training

The Access Project

Matching high-flying graduates with motivated students from disadvantaged areas for one-to-one tutorials

Deeping deeper: Why white working class boys underachieve and what can be done about it

The educational underachievement of the white working class – and particularly boys – has been much noted and discussed over the past decade.

Building bridges from school to work

Too many disadvantaged young people fail to make a successful move from school to work.

Working with best-in-class charities

We provide a pioneering support package to charities that work with these young people.

Helping them drive impact

With our support, these charities become better – then bigger.

Transforming more young lives

Our goal is to help many more young people succeed in education, employment and life.

City Gateway

Helping excluded young people overcome obstacles to employment

London: A tale of two cities

This report looks at the particular challenges surrounding youth unemployment in London.

The geography of youth unemployment

This report examines, ranks, and maps youth unemployment rates for 16-24 year olds across the UK’s largest towns and cities and identifies a number of youth unemployment blackspots.

Make a Difference award winner Basi Amodu

In 2013, Basi Amodu received the Make a Difference award, in recognition of her work improving the welfare of children and young people.

Make NEETs history

Britain has a problem with NEETs - people not in education, employment or training - and it's not going to go away on its own. This report contains new analysis of the drivers and impact of NEET status and a call to action...

The road less travelled

The social care sector is an example of a growing sector with significant skill demands, and where growing the number of high-quality apprenticeships could offer a strong vocational alternative to academic routes...

Beyond the business case

This report examines some of the main barriers young people face in getting their foot on the job ladder, and looks at the role that employers can play, not only through recruitment...

Beating the Cuts

Since 2008 charities have faced an increasingly difficult financial environment. This report shares lessons from Street League and Teens and Toddlers, two of our portfolio organisations, to help local and national...

BearingPoint’s work with Shannon Trust

Sarah-Jayne Williams, a Director of Customer Management at BearingPoint UK Ltd, one of Europe’s leading management and technology consulting firms, is one of our “pro bono experts”.

Social investment in education

With £2.5 billion in funding available in 2014/15, the pupil premium was created to directly tackle the education attainment gap. This report recommends that the pupil premium should be focused on funding high impact programmes aimed...

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Impetus in action

Chief Executive Daniela Barone Soares discusses how the venture philanthropy model has been proven to

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