Seven out of ten young people born into economic disadvantage will remain in those conditions throughout their lives. A donation to Impetus-PEF supports some of the most high-impact services out there working to improve the lives and prospects of young people, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Our approach is to find charities and social enterprises with a high potential for social impact and focus our resources on enabling them to improve their capacity to effectively deliver interventions to young people in poverty in the UK.

We know that often the most effective solutions operate at the local level. At a time when funding sources are becoming ever scarcer, we work to identify those organisations with the greatest potential for social impact and then to support them with a combination of funding, management support and pro bono expertise to improve their efficiency and their sustainability.

For every £1 we invest, Impetus-PEF provides £2.59 of value to our portfolio organisations through management support, the deployment of pro bono expertise and additional funds we are able to help them unlock.

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