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One young person in five in the UK is growing up in severe poverty. Only 30 per cent will have escaped that poverty by the time they’re 30. 

Impetus-PEF finds charities and social enterprises with high-potential and works with them to improve their capacity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in poverty in the UK.

There’s no quick fix to this problem. Many young people will need individual support, tailored to their specific needs. That is why, at Impetus-PEF, we take a portfolio approach. After a vigorous due diligence process, we invest in organisations with high-potential for creating social impact, working to improve the lives and prospects of young people living in poverty in the UK.

We partner with these charities and social enterprises, providing them with a powerful combination of long-term funding alongside management support from our in-house investment team and pro bono business expertise to maximise their effectiveness and enable their expansion.

Our aim is to ensure that these charities and social enterprises are effectively delivering targeted outcomes… and then achieving scale in the areas of educational attainment and work readiness.

Find out more about how we select our charities, the package of support we provide and our social impact.

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