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These are some of the questions we’re often asked at Impetus-PEF. If we’ve missed anything please get in touch. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

What does Impetus-PEF do?

Impetus – The Private Equity Foundation transforms the lives of economically disadvantaged 11-24 year olds in the UK by ensuring they get the support they need to succeed in education, find and keep jobs, and achieve their potential. We find the most promising charities and social enterprises that work with these young people. We help them become highly effective organisations that transform lives; then we help them expand significantly so as to dramatically increase the number of young people they serve.

How do your programmes help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds?

Our programmes are transforming the life chances of disadvantaged young people by improving their educational attainment and sustained employment.

Educational attainment: Helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve essential qualifications or access higher education.

Sustained employment: Helping young people from disadvantaged background to develop the personal, functional and employability skills they need to find and keep jobs or training.

How many young people do your programmes support?

Across our programmes, we support 62,700 young people:

  • 55,237 to attain the ‘golden five’ GCSEs or enter a high quality university
  • 7,427 to prepare for work, find a job and keep it

What makes Impetus-PEF different from other charities focused on young people?

What makes Impetus-PEF different is that we:

  • Partner with the most promising charities and social enterprises that work with these young people
  • Support our charity partners to develop high-impact services that produce clear and measurable life-changing outcomes for the young people they serve
  • Make this happen through our unique combination of hands-on management support, world-class pro bono expertise, and strategic long-term funding.

How do you support your charities and social enterprise partners?

Working with our charity partners in depth and over a number of years, we support them to become highly effective at delivering programmes proven to transform the lives of the young people they serve. We do this by providing a package of support that combines three elements:

  • Management support – our highly experienced investment team supports the organisation’s leaders and managers by developing their skills, helping them successfully deliver an impact-led strategy and working with them to overcome the challenges of growth;
  • Pro bono expertise – we match the organisation with experts who donate their time and services in fundamental areas such as business planning, HR, finance, marketing and performance management;
  • Funding – we provide significant, long-term, unrestricted funding, often in partnership with other funders, enabling the organisation to build its capacity to deliver high quality programmes.

We currently work in partnership with 17  charities and social enterprises. Since inception, Impetus-PEF and its predecessor organisations have supported over 60 organisations.

How do I volunteer for pro bono projects?

Impetus-PEF has a pro bono network of over 400 individuals and more than 60 companies who offer their specialised day-job expertise to our portfolio charities on specific capacity-building projects. These projects have a defined time frame and pre-agreed outcomes, and are orchestrated by an Impetus-PEF investment director working with each charity.

Last year, firms and individuals in our pro bono network donated 6,000 hours to 100 projects for our portfolio charities. Projects included: strategic and fundraising strategy; competitor analyses; legal and intellectual property audits; financial and performance management reviews; leadership coaching; and rebranding. Read more about Impetus-PEF pro bono experts.

Our pro bono experts typically have at least five years’ experience in their area of expertise.  We welcome enquiries and applications from experienced individuals and companies. Please read more about applying.

How is Impetus-PEF funded?

Impetus-PEF is supported by a number of individual donors, corporate donors and grantmaking foundations.

Why should I give to Impetus-PEF, rather than giving direct to one of your charity partners?

By giving to us, you are funding a portfolio of carefully screened and selected best-in-class charities and social enterprises whose programmes demonstrably transform young lives. With our approach, you get the benefit of knowing that, for every £1 invested by Impetus-PEF, we generate £2.59 of value for our charity partners – through management support and access to pro bono expertise, as well as the additional funds we help source. Read more about why our donors give to us.

You can give money and you can give expertise. Read more about giving to Impetus-PEF.

What are the tax benefits of giving to Impetus-PEF?

Impetus-PEF is a registered UK charity. If you are a higher-rate tax payer and eligible for Impetus-PEF to claim Gift Aid on your donation, you can also claim back the difference between the basic and higher-rate tax. If you choose to give shares, your gift will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax, and you can also reduce your taxable income by the market value of the shares. Read more about the different options for giving to Impetus-PEF.

Who runs Impetus-PEF?

Impetus-PEF is governed by a Board of trustees. Chief Executive Officer Andy Ratcliffe leads the professional staff team.

How long have you been going?

Impetus-PEF was formed in 2013, following the merger of Impetus Trust (founded in 2002) and the Private Equity Foundation (founded in 2006).

You practise ‘venture philanthropy’ – what does that mean?

Venture philanthropy (VP) takes concepts and techniques from venture capital and applies them to achieving a social, rather than a financial, return. VP takes a high-engagement approach and is characterised by the grantee receiving management support and specialist expertise, as well as financial resources. VP organisations also tend to take a longer-term view than traditional philanthropists do – and typically focus on measurable outcomes.

At Impetus-PEF, we provide charities and social enterprises with a venture philanthropy package that augments funding with management support and pro bono expertise supplied by business professionals. Charities often tell us that it is this combination of all three elements – usually committed over several years – that helps to drive their performance and effectiveness over time.

Impetus-PEF is an active member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) – a network of European social investors, venture philanthropists and foundations committed to using VP and social investment tools to deliver social impact.

What are your conditions for PayPal payment for events?

PayPal terms and conditions

  • Privacy policy – We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.
  • Payment flow and delivery policy – Once ticket payment has been made you are entitled to attend the ticketed event
  • Refund / cancellation policy – If you would like a refund, this must be requested to the events team at least 3 weeks before the event. To request a refund please contact our events team to let them know your reason for cancellation on
  • Products/services and price list. Invitation only ticket costs are detailed upon invitation

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