Our mission

Why we exist

Economic disadvantage is a reality for over two million young people in the UK today. As they grow up, many of these young people are failing at school and failing to make a successful move into work.  All too often, the dearth of opportunity that they experience is passed on to their own children – and so it continues onto the next generation.

We find this unacceptable. No young person should be trapped by the circumstances of their birth.

We live in one of the richest nations in the world – a nation which spends billions of pounds on initiatives to alleviate poverty and the social problems associated with it. Only a fraction of this money, however, has produced lasting results for the young people who need it most.

We need this state of affairs to change – and our purpose at Impetus-PEF is to lead by example.

What we do

Impetus-PEF  transforms the lives of 11-24 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the support they need to succeed in education, find and keep jobs, and achieve their potential.

We find the most promising charities and social enterprises that work with these young people. We help them become highly effective organisations that transform lives; then we help them expand significantly so as to dramatically increase the number of young people they serve.

How we do it

We find UK charities and social enterprises that have a successful track record of helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain an education and hold a job.

Our role is to help these organisations become highly effective at delivering programmes proven to transform the lives of the young people they serve. We do this by providing a package of support that combines three elements:

  • Management support – our highly experienced investment team supports the organisation’s leaders and managers by developing their skills, helping them successfully deliver an impact-led strategy and working with them to overcome the challenges of growth;
  • Pro bono expertise – we match the organisation with experts who donate their time and services in fundamental areas such as business planning, HR, finance, marketing and performance management;
  • Funding – we provide significant, long-term, unrestricted funding, often in partnership with other funders, enabling the organisation to build its capacity to deliver high quality programmes.

Key to our approach is that we work with organisations in depth and over a number of years, enabling us to develop a thorough understanding of what really works. Together with the organisation, we gather, analyse and interpret evidence about the outcomes of their work. Where the evidence shows that their programmes lead to lasting change, we help these organisations expand significantly so as to dramatically increase the number of young people they serve.

Our experience has provided us with a deep understanding as to how resources can better be deployed to achieve impact. We share our knowledge with policy makers, businesses, practitioners and funders to help ensure that many more young people succeed in education and employment.

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