Our team

Aimee McCarney

Investment Assistant

"Impetus really is a one of a kind organisation: every single team member exerts such passion and excitement when executing our unique business model. It’s such a joy and privilege witnessing the strong relationships that we have with such amazing charities and seeing these charities grow and develop over time. I think knowing that we are making an impact on young people’s lives motivates every single one of us everyday and it’s amazing to see and be a part of that."

Alicia Tompsett

Data and Performance Associate

It’s been fantastic having the opportunity to attend volunteering sessions and celebration events with our charities like IntoUniversity and Resurgo. Every time I go, I hear the stories of the young people our work helps and it always makes me so proud to be a part of Impetus. What we do is so unique and worthwhile!

Ashni Shah

Investment Director

“I’ve always felt so thankful for the teachers, mentors and role models around me when I was growing up. The charities that Impetus supports offer such mentorship and play a crucial role in helping young people to succeed in school and life. As we tackle the impacts of a global pandemic, I feel so proud to be able to work in partnership with such an inspiring community.”

Ben Brodie

Investment Manager

"Working with some of our charities on their response to the Covid-19 crisis was eye-opening – I was so impressed by their understanding of the challenge, restlessness to maintain impact during lockdown, and their focus on ensuring long-term financial sustainability. I loved being able to support such driven teams through such a difficult period."

Chiku Bernardi

Senior Investment Director

“At our team away day we held some success and failure awards – which were both hilarious and poignant. It felt great to see everyone in crazy wigs, cheering each other on. We hit gold every time we mix our robust and driven culture with caring and fun.”

James Gubb

Investment Director

“The big thing I learnt from running a social enterprise prior to joining Impetus is that for a charity to have long-lasting impact on a young person’s life it’s not enough to have a good heart or a great programme; it requires constant self-reflection, dispassionate awareness of performance and making seriously tough decisions day-in, day-out. What I love is that Impetus has the guts to challenge charities to do so, constantly asking the difficult questions and encouraging those in our portfolio to do better and better... and they tell us it’s working!

Luke McCarthy

Investment Director

The first of Impetus’ Performance Management Working Groups was a fantastic example of how we facilitate best practice sharing across our charities, many of which are grappling with the same challenges around the effectiveness of their programmes and how they track young people’s progress. Through their relationship with us, our charities are able to share expertise on how to overcome these challenges to provide the best opportunities for the young people they support.”

Sebastien Ergas

Director of Strategy and Impact

Ending a first meeting with a potential charity partner and saying to myself ‘this Chief Exec takes nothing for granted, is very reflective about her charity's impact and is open about her leadership challenges' – that, was a very exciting moment, and the start of a great partnership.

Watch Sebastien talk about our work with The Access Project.

Sherine Mahmoud

Senior Investment Director

“The times I’m working with a charity’s leadership team, going through performance data and we have that light bulb moment when we can see how to improve results that’s the magical moment. And then from there we build a plan together to make that change happen. Every time we have that moment, and kick off a change, it reminds me of how much I love working at Impetus helping great charities to have an even bigger impact on young people’s lives. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.”

Watch Sherine talk about putting impact into context, as well as other videos on Driving Impact.

Sonal Shenai

Investment Director

"Every young person deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. Our charity partners strive to support disadvantaged young people to succeed in school and life. It’s a privilege to work with such dedicated charity teams and see more young people achieve their dreams, particularly in such unprecedented times."

Tamara Baleanu

Investment Director

"Witnessing a charity leader's light bulb moment is exhilarating, whether it's to do with using data to improve the outcomes of their young people or developing a new five-year strategy for their organisation. It's such a privilege to get to play a part in it."

Tom Barker

Investment Manager

"During my first week, I was able to join an Impact Forum with our portfolio charities. Seeing some of the brightest minds in the space come together and have an honest discussion about what is going well, and where there are challenges, was really motivating. We are so lucky to work alongside honest leaders who are invested in having a sustained positive impact on young people."